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Bird Dropping Cleaning

In an urban environment considerable damage can be done to rooftops, machinery and ventilation when there are bird droppings. The uric acid present in the droppings is highly corrosive to metal and masonry. Loose masonry caused by these corrosive elements is an obvious hazard to the general public.

Bird fouling and nesting debris can also seriously affect a building's aesthetic appearance. Not only does this present a negative image of your building, and therefore your business, but the bacteria, biting insects and parasites present in bird droppings represent a serious health risk, as well as emitting a very unpleasant smell for your customers.

This negative impact on your business is even greater if you are within the food industry - pest birds are potentially even more of a health risk than rats.

Once a building has been heavily infested with birds it can be very costly to remove the fouling and clean the building. This is why bird control measures should be implemented before the problem gets too bad, helping to potentially keep your business costs down.

At The Bird Dropping Cleaning Company we provide comprehensive, safe and hygienic removal of bird droppings, can recommend and implement preventative control mechanisms, including netting and anti-roosting systems, and hygienically clean following removal.

All work is carried out by fully trained and experienced technicians throughout the East Midlands, with a 24 hour 7 day service.

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